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Wed, May 10 4:41pm

Hi, Nancy. Thank you for your interest in clinical trials. I’ve enclosed links that may assist you in findings studies as they become posted and would be available to you. Mayo Clinic Clinical Trials: you may search by location/condition/healthy volunteer etc. (you may need to fill out some [...]

Thu, Apr 13 9:46am · Mayo Clinic expands sports medicine facility in Minneapolis

(Originally posted on the Mayo Clinic News Network) Mayo Clinic announced today that it is expanding its services, space and other capabilities at its sports medicine facility in downtown Minneapolis to meet the growing demand for its expertise. Construction on the 16,000-square-foot [...]

Thu, Apr 13 9:41am · Man moves paralyzed legs using device that stimulates spinal cord

(Originally posted on the Mayo Clinic News Network) Mayo Clinic researchers used electrical stimulation on the spinal cord and intense physical therapy to help a man intentionally move his paralyzed legs, stand and make steplike motions for the first time in three years. [...]

Oct 19, 2016 · Andrea Cheville, M.D., of Mayo Clinic elected to the National Academy of Medicine

Andrea Cheville, M.D., physical medicine and rehabilitation researcher and director of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Mayo Clinic, has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine. Being elected to the academy, formerly known as the Institute of Medicine, is considered one of the highest honors [...]
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