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Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems

By dehansen @dhansen



The numbers and statistics matter when it comes to offering improved care for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

In the video above, Mayo Clinic brain rehabilitation specialist Allen W. Brown, M.D., project director of Mayo's TBI Model Systems (TBIMS) Center, discusses the research focus of the TBIMS Centers and their contributions to patient care.

Dr. Brown explains how Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Centers generate valuable longitudinal data by staying in touch with more than 14,000 patients over several years.

In collaboration with 16 centers around the U.S., researchers can use the data to help them understand what happens over the natural history of a recovery of this kind and get specific analysis of what can be predictors of good or bad outcomes.

From the November 2014 PM&R Physician Update e-Edition. Click here to learn more.

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