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Steven Moran, M.D., Discusses Mayo Clinic's Hand Transplant Program and Rehabilitation

By AJ Montpetit @ajmontpetit


In 2010, Mayo Clinic initiated the first clinically approved  Hand Transplant and Rehabilitation Program, the first clinically approved such program in the United States. Options for those who have had severed or severely damaged limbs have traditionally included receiving a prosthesis or tissue moved from another area of the body to restore function to the hand. For patients with severe injuries, however, the only way to restore senstation and function is through hand transplantation.

The process for hand transplants is highly complex, and has only been recently possible to accomplish. The surgery is followed by therapy and rehabilitation to restore function and sensation. "Mayo Clinic rehabilitation specialists play a key role in restoring function after these complex surgeries," says Mayo Clinic physiatrist Mary L. Jurisson, M.D.

Steven Moran, M.D., Mayo Clinic plastic surgeon and co-director of the Mayo Clinic Hand Transplant Program, discusses the procedure, the role of rehabilitation, and other aspects of Mayo's program in the video below.

Read the full Mayo Clinic Article.

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