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Researchers Studying Tele-Health To Improve Outcomes For TBI Outpatients

By AJ Montpetit @ajmontpetit


Tele-HealthA growing body of research suggests that cognitive rehabilitation is an effective intervention to improve functioning and diminish disability for patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). A variety of interventions in clinical settings have been shown to be effective in improving attention, memory, executive functioning, and other major cognitive domains that are affected after brain injury.

Success in cognitive rehabilitation depends on numerous therapy sessions necessary to learn and apply the strategies to compensate for areas of impaired functioning. Unfortunately, patients living in remote and rural areas have difficulty getting access to this kind of specialized treatment. Staff from Mayo Clinic's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Department of Neurology are studying whether tele-health may be an effective option for these patients. The initial findings have the researchers optimistic.

"Our findings indicate that the Internet may be an effective delivery mechanism for compensatory cognitive rehabilitation, particularly among individuals who are already utilizing some basic compensatory strategies," explains Thomas Bergquist, M.D.

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