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Pressure Sore Prevention Care

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Mark W. Christopherson, M.D., Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic discusses the problem of pressure sores and why he is motivated to improve care for patients who suffer from them.

He got to work as a physician-leader on a group that is intended to address “never events.” That means they should not happen to a person when they are in the hospital.

The group Dr. Christopherson is with was dealing with the highest incidence of pressure sores. It’s something every health center has he explains. Even so, their goal was to manage them so that the patients have the fewest sores and the best care possible.

He says an educational program instituted for caregivers has cut the number of reported pressure sores to less than half.

Dr. Christopherson said it has been “rewarding to see how both hospitals, Methodist and St. Marys have mobilized together through their structure. And there’s been a lot of education, a lot work and it’s really cut down on the number of pressure sores.”

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