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Mayo Clinic Study Assesses Connection Between Spirituality and Rehabilitation Outcomes

By AJ Montpetit @ajmontpetit

 Center for the Spirit at Mayo Clinic


Ninety-three patients with spinal cord dysfunction or severe neurological illness participated in an observational pilot study conducted at Mayo Clinic in an academic inpatient rehabilitation unit.  The aims of the pilot study were to describe admission and post-discharge spirituality, and associations between spirituality and rehabilitation outcomes. All participants completed an admission survey, and forty-six completed surveys six months after discharge.

When admitted, participants reported spirituality similar to that of other medical patients. After their discharge, the frequency of private spiritual practices increased, while spiritual and existential well-being decreased. There were no significant associations detected between spirituality and rehabilitation outcomes. These findings, however, did suggest an importance of spirituality to the participants, and supported conducting future research with a larger sample with modifications to the methodology.

See PubMed for the full study.

Authors: Piderman KM, Mueller PS, Theneau TM, Stevens SR, Hanson AC, Reeves RK

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