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Loss & Rehabilitation Following an Amputation

By dehansen @dhansen

"Losing a limb is a devastating loss, it’s like losing a loved one."

That is the way that Karen Andrews, M.D., Director of Mayo Clinic Amputee and Rehabilitation Services describes what's ahead for those who suffer an upper limb amputation.

The physiatrist believes successful rehabilitation requires that patients get involved in the next phase of their lives while still in the hospital.



Fear of the unknown is a major issue for amputees and their family members.

That is why Andrews encourages them to watch the video below in an effort to understand what lies ahead in recovery.





Andrews said that several advances in technology are being made in artificial limbs; they include lightweight materials, which allow for faster movement.

Researchers are also trying to get the brain to control those prosthetic arms.

Mayo and Andrews are currently working on a way to take the idea a step further.

They are participating in an international research project which is studying a novel robotic hand.

The goal is to develop a functional prototype and then the hand will be improved and used in clinical trials.


mayo_prosthetic hands



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