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Latest in Regen Med & Techniques

By dehansen @dhansen

The Mayo Clinic Rehabilitation Medicine education sessions in San Juan, Puerto Rico this weekend are handling some of the hottest topics in the area of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.



Attendees started their day with Jonathan Finnoff, D.O., discussing Sport Concussion: Who, What, When, Where and Why?




That same hour saw a dual presentation on Advances in Rehabilitation Care of Brain Condition: Stroke, Traumatic Brain injury from Thomas Bergquist, Ph.D. and Allen Brown, M.D.








The session then switched to highlight two other ailments. Margaret Moutvic, M.D. offered an Update on Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis and ALS.










The mid-day sessions started with Advanced EMG: New Approaches to Improve Techniques with Andrea Boon, M.D.








Conferees also got to participate in a panel discussion after learning about what is new with Spasticity and Spinal Cord Injury Acute and Chronic Care. Ronald Reeves, M.D, presented the lesson.

The afternoon keynote address by Walter Frontera, M.D., focused on Exercise as a Therapeutic Strategy in Rehabilitation Medicine.




The issue of Aging and Frailty in Rehabilitation Care was explored as well. Then the session switched to Robotics: To Assist and Improve Neuro-Rehabilitation Care, as Jeffrey Strommen, M.D., offered his perspective and helped with a panel that answered some of the most important questions.

Several students also sat-in on the optional late afternoon workshop featuring Andrea Boon, M.D., who was discussing Chemo Denervation for Spatiscity.

The Rehabilitation Medicine Update will finish-up on Sunday with sessions covering such topics as: Oncology Rehabilitation, Lymphedema, advances in Wound Care and the Rehabilitation of Complex Amputee Patient/Procedures.


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