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Easing Concerns about Sexuality for Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries

By AJ Montpetit @ajmontpetit

One of the most challenging medical conversations with a patient who has suffered a spinal cord injury is about what their injury means for their sex life. And too often, that conversation takes a back seat to more immediate concerns.

“People are often so focused on everything else about their health while they’re in the hospital, they’re not ready to think about this part of their lives,” says Mayo Clinic’s Daniel Rohe, Ph.D., a psychologist in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. “Then they get ready to go home, and this important conversation hasn’t taken place.”

Dr. Rohe was part of a Mayo Clinic team that created a new educational video about relationships and sexuality, the first resource of its kind in nearly two decades for people with spinal cord injuries. “We talked with patients,” says co-creator Lisa Beck, a Mayo clinical nurse specialist, “and we asked them what information they wished they’d had at the time of their injury.” The video presents information from Mayo physicians on what to expect after a spinal cord injury, as well as stories of hope from those who have experienced traumatic spinal cord injuries.

Watch both Dr. Rohe and Lisa Beck discuss their video and their findings in their Grand Rounds presentation below.

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